"Sign Wires"

You put a lot of time and attention in to making sure your yard sign looks exactly as your customer wishes. Wouldn’t it be a shame if most of them ended up bent over in the wind?  They could, if you aren’t equally cautious of your sign stands.  Yard sign stakes can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your campaign.  Sign frames comes in all sorts of materials and quality, so be sure you aren’t taken in low quality imitations.

CustomPolyBagSigns' sign stakes are just that, high carbon, galvanized, spring steel.  When the wind hits your customer’s  signs, you know they’re going to bounce right back!   Because our sign frames are galvanized steel, your customer won’t have to worry about old fashioned oily messes, or rust, as with most yard sign wires. 

  • Galvanized (no rust or oils)
  • Spring Steel (no bending)
  • Heavy Gauge
  • Neatly Packaged

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*U-wires are not galvanized or spring steel


U-Wires keep the bag taut and standing in your yard Bag Signs take up less space than Corrugated Plastic Easily packaged