"Poster Board Signs"

Posterboard Signs have fallen out of fashion in the last twenty years.  If you aren’t sure what polycoated poster board signs are, imagine old fashioned cardboard milk containers. They’re very smooth and shiny.  Nothing prints nicer than polycoated cardboard yard signs.  Many career politicians swear by them.
Years ago, Poly coated Posterboard signs, or “milk carton,” signs were all that were available.  You can’t reuse them and they don’t hold up well for more than a few months.  Eventually they will absorb enough moisture that they fall apart, or just start looking bad.  Still, if you need more than a couple hundred, but less than a thousand, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal than poly coated cardboard signs.  Cardboard yard signs are a proven winner.

  • Build Name Recognition
  • Affordable (wire included in price)
  • Good Impressions
  • Effective
  • Campaigns or Business use

Cardboard signs have only one function.  They build name recognition which lends credibility. This is true for political candidates or businesses.  It's sad, but true; most people go with the person, position or business they best recognize.  This comes only with repeated exposure, something you get most cost effectively with yard signs. In the right quantities, poly coated posterboard yard signs will be the most affordable.  I like to recommend adding a company logo to them for any, “Under Construction,” “Wet Paint,” or “Fresh Asphalt” notices.
Photos, slogans and messages distract the reader from the main objective.  So do complex graphics and bright, but illegible, colors.  In fact, we often recommend spending more on extra signs and less on flashy options. Generally, a one color sign, with part being in reverse print, and part being regular, will give you the most impact.  If image is your goal, you may need to invest in something other than cardboard signs.  If not, please give ‘em a look!
Because Posterboard signs are so affordable, they are ideal for bandit signs.  Place them by the road way, leave ‘em and forget ‘em.  They are made of recycled material and are biodegradable. You aren’t getting them back. In fact, the smaller your sign, and more simple your message, the longer municipalities, and owners of right-of-way, tend to leave them up.  We’ve even printed some vertically (taller than wide).  They stand out from all the political and real estate clutter.  They stand up above the weeds, and the closer support helps them stand up to the wind. Regardless of the style of sign you might choose, or the way in which it is printed, one thing is certain, there is no more cost effective way to build name recognition and credibility than with yard signs.

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