"Business Lawn Signs"

Very few business people understand what their bandit signs, contractor signs or yard signs are supposed to accomplish.  Because of this, we often get requests to print too much information.  Please keep them simple enough to be absorbed by the casual observer.

Business lawn signs have only two functions.  They are to build name recognition and credibility. It's sad, but true, that most people will tend to ascribe credibility to the businesses they best recognize.  Of course, if your sign is on the lawn of a recently completed job, it tells the neighbor where to look for the quality of workmanship their neighbors enjoy. 

  • Build Name Recognition and Credibility
  • Keep your sign simple
  • Get the word out about yourself

Pictures, slogans and instructions distract the reader from the main objective.  So do complex graphics and bright, but illegible, color combinations.  We’ve even recommended companies not spend extra for multiple colors, shadows or color gradients.  Sometimes, these make business signs harder to read.  Bright color combinations are the same.  The mistake is thinking that because warning, construction and traffic signs are brighter, they’re easier to read.  They are more readily noticed, but are a lot less likely to be read and remembered. This type of wording gives the optical illusion of being blurred (that's why driver's tests require us to memorize sign shapes).  Unless you have a readily recognizable logo, not easily rendered in one color, use the money you save to purchase more or better quality signs.

Are you going to pick up your signs, after you complete a job?  On a hundred or less, you might get enough back that it’s worth the extra money to buy corrugated plastic signs.  They're weather proof, and reusable, many times over.  Corrugated plastic yard signs make sense for business signs that will need to be up more than 90 days as well.

If you need more than a hundred bandit signs, you aren't getting them back.  Storage would be a pain even if you could.  You  may wish to look in to polycoated poster board (cardboard) signs.  I recommend plastic bag signs when you need more than a thousand.  These have been available for years, but few businesses are aware of them.  Imagine a plastic shopping bag, like you see at an expensive department store. Now imagine it is printed upside down and has no handle. Bag signs are thicker, and have an opaque lining, but they are quite similar.  In large quantities, the difference in price is significant enough that they can easily be replaced or let go.  They are the easiest to install as well. Regardless the style of sign chosen, one thing is certain, there is no more cost effective way to build name recognition and credibility.  That’s money in the bank for your company.

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